Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trip to the Coast: Wasini Island's boats, monkeys, and fresh crab for dinner

Wasini Island, near Kenya's border with Tanzania, is quite a fascinating place. Approximately four miles long and two miles wide, about 2,000 people live there in two villages. There are no cars or roads; no electricity or fresh ground water; and no crime or police. The island is an outcropping of fossilized coral. The culture is that of the Swahili people and is very laid back. People earn their living mostly by fishing and a bit through tourism.

Tony heads out to the Blue Whale, our mode of transportation for the three days we were on the island.

Wasini village, as seen from our boat

A moored dinghy, owned by our hosts

We were always on the alert for Sykes monkeys, who were ready to steal any food they could find.

Our meals were absolutely delicious!

Yummy freshly-caught crab!

Joe typically hung out at the dining room area, hoping to snatch a piece of fruit or anything else he could get his hands on. 

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