Saturday, October 1, 2016

Exploring the Lake Naivasha area: hiking Hell's Gate gorge and enjoying Olkaria Geothermal Spa

Checking out a large group of buffalo (not in photo)

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
~ Helen Keller 

Hiking the gorge, and carefully touching the hot water coming out of the rocks

Our guide painted our faces with red ochre pigment, a common Maasai tradition

We eventually climbed up out of the gorge and reached the top for a beautiful view

A couple of tuckered out kids!

The hike had many challenging spots, including going up and down with ropes!

Some places were difficult, but we encouraged one another and conquered all the challenges!

After the hike, the kids enjoyed the quite warm geothermal spa, located within Hell's Gate National Park

The water comes out of the ground at a high temperature and goes through a cooling system before reaching 98 degrees, the human body temperature.

The kids loved playing and swimming in it, while Naomi and I opted to just dip our feet in the water.

Newly-washed shoes drying in the sun after our adventurous hike

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